The Grand Canyon. 2017

The Grand Canyon. 2017


Hello dear friends and family!

We are so excited about your attendance at our wedding and your good wishes!  We understand you may be wondering about a gift for us but we are simply excited to celebrate with you. Should you insist, we have put thoughtful consideration into what we may need. As we have been living together and building our "nest" for some time we are in pretty good shape with basic household items.  That being said, we have registered  a few things at Macy's which would make great additions to our home. There are also a few larger gifts that will help make the life we continue to build together even more special. 

Here’s what we would love contributions for:

  • A New bed (the one we have is over 20 years old and a hand me down) 
  • Refurbish Nick’s Great Gradma’s couch with some new fabric and new fluffing …. For when you come see us! 
  • Honeymoon funding for our trip to Argentina, Nick’s mom’s home country which Sarah will be visiting for the first time.


Love Nick and Sarah